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LeParfait's Argan Oil

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LeParfait's 100% Argan Oil Organic. 100 % Pure Cold-Pressed Argan Oil Direct from Morocco, and manufactured in the USA. Beauty Secret for Hair Conditioning, Nails, Stretch Marks, Pregnancy Skin. The best organic quality Argan Oil available. DARK BLUE BOTTLE for extended shelf life as Oils are LIGHT SENSITIVE TO UV & Must Be Stored in DARK BLUE BOTTLES to Protect From Oxidation. Oils Not Packaged in Dark Bottles Will Lose Potency & Become Non Effective This is a Quality Le Parfait Argan Oil Product from A Trusted Company- Not Tested on Animals, Fair trade, Paraben Free. - Argan Oil is 100% USDA Organic. Argan oil is great for skin and hair. Not Tested on Animals, Fair trade, Paraben Free.

  • #1 HIGHEST QUALITY ARGAN Oil Organic 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic. *Moroccan Ancient Beauty Secret Produced Organically *USDA Organic Certified. *Delivered To You in a Dark Glass Bottle to Limit Exposure to Light and UV for Ultimate Preservation. *Many natural healing properties for Anti-Aging, Hair Restoration Anti-Frizz, Hair Shine, *Results Often Come Fast. Usually Customers Report Soft Skin and Shiny Silky Hair Immediately.
  • The Perfect Moisturizer for Irritated and Sensitive Dry Skin. * Non-Greasy Fragrance-Free and Absorbs Quickly to Relieve Chapped Flaky and Itchy Skin Without Burning or Stinging. * Be Amazed at the Soft Touch of Your Smooth Skin and Face in Addition to an Even Skin Tone.
  • Look Young Again and Be Prepared to get Compliments From Strangers. * Enjoy Re-Balanced Skin With an Even Texture and helps in the Reduction of Acne Scars. * Helps to Diminish Smile Lines Around the Eyes and Mouth and Reduces Bags Under the Eyes Without Clogging Your Pores. * Due to Our 100% pure, organic, unrefined and cold pressed Argan Oil [Grade A purity].
  • Discover the "Liquid Gold" that Salons Across the Nation are Raving About.
  • When You Order, Know that You're Protected By Our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee !!! Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority.