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5 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips From Leading Dermatologist Dr. Roberta DeVlaeminck

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      1. Use gentle cleansers designed to remove makeup residue and dirt without stripping away the skin oils.
      2. Reduce sun exposure – a no-brainer for skin of every age, but even more crucial to those over 50. Want that sun-kissed look? Try self-tanning lotions instead of UV rays.
      3. Exfoliate at least once a month using a gentle exfoliating preparation and a battery-powered scrubbing brush.
      4. Use a high quality water based hydrating serum for maximum absorption, such as a Hylaluronic Acid or Vitamin C serum day or night.
      5. Make sure to use a high quality Hypoallergenic and Paraben free Anti-Aging Cream daily.

      A multitasking moisturizer is the centerpiece of a well-stocked cosmetics arsenal for aging skin. According to The Telegraph Website, Vogue magazine reports that Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America uses Apple Stem Cell Cream to maintain her glamorous, yet youthful appearance. Le Parfait’s Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cell is the cream of choice for discerning dermatologists and those who are serious about reducing the signs of aging in the skin. This advanced cream encourages the skin to produce its own stem cells, improving the appearance by reducing fine lines and tightening the skin, especially around the eyes. Deep, rich hydration comes from luxurious moisturizing ingredients, leaving the skin soft and refreshed while repairing damage.
      “The Le Parfait cream restores firmness and elastic qualities to the skin,” says Dr. Roberta. “I’ve been extremely impressed by the performance of this product on my clients’ skin.”

      Hollywood Elite knows the pressure Hollywood places on female actors, especially as they begin to show age. “Using a bit of Anti-Aging cream to extend youthful qualities of the skin is our little secret,” she admits.
      LeParfait’s Anti-Aging Cream comes in a one-ounce Jar, perfect for slipping into a purse or a small makeup bag for skin refreshing on the go. This anti – aging cream can be purchased directly on Le Parfait’s website ,
      Dr. Roberta DeVlaeminck has been a dermatologist and beauty consultant to the stars for many years. Although she herself is nearly 60, her youthful appearance belies her talents in helping others. “I believe my clients should go for a fresh-faced look, not overly made up or stretched tight with cosmetic surgery.”
      Based in the heart of Manhattan, Dr. Roberta got her training at Harvard Medical School, an institution renowned for its credentials. Besides seeing patients in her New York clinic, she is often brought in as a consultant by actors and production companies. Dr. Roberta feels that simple measures should always be used first, and the LeParfait Anti-Aging Cream fits that bill perfectly. “Quality ingredients and incredible performance helps this cream erase years from the skin,”
      Try the Le Parfait Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Creme...You will LOVE IT!
      Watch this video to learn more about Phytocelltec Technology in Le Parfait Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Creme