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LeParfait is a reflection of our passion for creating High Quality Skin Care products.

LeParfait’s revolutionary formulations started with a basic premise: To create the highest quality anti-aging creams and serums on the market to address and treat the signs of aging from wrinkles to skin tone imperfections – at a reasonable price. We set out to create the most advanced Anti Aging skin cream products in the world backed by science and clinically studied raw materials. LeParfait’s skin care has become one of the leading and most popular skin care brands in the world. All of our products are made in the USA, and our skincare line has quickly become a trusted brand for those looking for effective products that do as claimed. 


For a long time, many consumers went with brand names they were familiar with, assuming that they must be the best, due to their name recognition. But some consumers took the time to investigate what ingredients made up those brand name products. As a result, consumers became more aware of the harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives in their beauty products.


Harsh chemicals can damage one’s skin after years of abrasive treatment. Fortunately, products that are natural and organic can slowly reverse some of those years of harsh skin treatments. Many consumers do not realize how important it is for the products that are treating your skin to be natural. A lot of the most effective treatments for skin are found in nature! A perfect example of this is the famous rare apple from Switzerland that is found in LeParfait’s  PhytoCellTec Apple Stem Cell Anti Aging Cream, Under Eye Cream, and Nail Renew. This natural Anti Aging skin care product is vital in caring for one’s skin.


We wanted to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skincare ingredients that are designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin. LeParfait’s Skin Care products are comprised of natural ingredients, which are predominantly derived from herbal extracts.


We are proud of the results our products are achieving and the difference they are making to people's skin. We receive testimonies regularly from people all around the world. People love LeParfait’s products. Receiving these testimonies validates our work.

LeParfait’s products use only the highest quality natural ingredients. Our products have been specifically formulated to work synergistically with each other to maximize results.

Our Mission:

To provide the finest quality formula to nourish, rejuvenate and transform your skin.

Our Values:

  • Vital Rejuvenation Powerful, balancing formulas infused with life force energy, to revitalize and regenerate your skin.

  • Transformative Radiance Nutrient-rich, purifying formulas give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow.

  • Incomparable Quality – LeParfait only uses the purest, premium quality ingredients formulated in accordance with strict certification guidelines.

  • No toxic chemicals (commonly found in most skincare products) such as sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, T.E.A., D.E.A., Glycols (Unless Naturally Derived and used as a preservative), Silicones, Ethoxylate or Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde derivatives.

  • No animal products or animal by-products.

  • Vegan, cruelty free, not tested on animals.

  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA.

  • Affordable Luxury.

  • We deliver premium quality products at a reasonable price.

Our Manufacturing Facility